Glass beadmaking in the Volcano.
The ancient art of glass making has fascinated many people. This multicoloured fragile substance with its aesthetical appeal has been an item of fashion for men and women since glass was first developed.
The outstanding achievements of the early artisans in developing glass products have come full circle.
The beauty of the glass bead lies in the skill of the craft sman, controlling all the forces that are working on the molten glass. This ability to “read” the glass and react instantly to the demands of the glass comes with experience.
Hand made glass beads in a basic system can be produced by you. As you develop and gain experience you will rediscover the creativity and experience whichmakes beads.
The ancient craft has been arranged to modern day equipment. But most of the techniques and systems stem from early glass making.
The molten glass is drawn over a metal rod, which has been covered with a separator, which will allow the hot glass to be wrapped around and formed into a glass bead. This can then be cooled slowly in vermiculite. When the bead is cooled it can be removed from the mandrel by twisting the bead. Smoothly the bead slides off.
I wish you many happy hours of bead making and hope you may enjoy the pleasure of creating for yourself. I would like to invite you into the miniature world of beads.
Winston Doull
Day Course for beginners 10:00-16:00
Lunch provided
max. of 4 students
Introduction to hot glass
Safety while working with glass
Basics of beadmaking
Cost 115€
A deposit of 30€ to book your place in the course.
Winston Doull , Stadt-Sparkasse Haan, BLZ 30351220 , Konto224592

imgp2979Advanced Courses, 2 hours, cost 50€ ; choose your subject e.g. hollow beads, working with Dichro or gold leaf or Millefioris
All courses can be made fit for you. For appointments call 02129-373850
For further information e-mail

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