Video clips

Working with the volcano.

Note the lay out ,tools right-side. mandrel left. Try to get the oven a little turned and away. That you head is not over the oven. This burner is held 2 cm. app away from the port. Very hot and clean burning. (No reduction)

The hollow bead

This clip is in real-time . What is most important is the time you give the glass to cool as you blow.

Coating the mandrel and the Blow pipe.

The coating is Smooth Bead, or the new separator is called Bead Cream. These separators are made to release the finished bead from the mandrel. Smooth Bead has been around since earls 1990s Bead  cream from 2008.

Making beads with Milleriori in the Volcano. The pre-heating is done on the base plate, which helps the milleriori to stick to the hot glass.

3 Colour stringer .





  1. Hi Winston,

    You have managed it, great job!!!

    In the pages you can also give the page a number. With this, you can order them.

    Greetings, also to Ruth!


    • Hi Margriet Thank you for your help , so that I could get the job done. Winston

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