Posted by: winstondoull | March 10, 2011

2nd Core form .

The art of making small core formed jugs can be done in the  “Volcano” bead making oven. The process is the same as the bigger core formed objects but most of the problems are eliminated . So you can spend more time in working with the glass and solving the different techniques that are required . ( wrapping the core with glass. Making the foot that it can stand. Combing the vessel . Making the neck and lip. Finally the handle .) The core is a bead separator   (Bead Cream).

Core formed jug

small core formed jugs. ( A technique used by the Egyptians 1000 BC)

These are a few of the core formed vessels . Size app. 50 mm

You will need to anneal these vessels as the thinner parts will cool faster than the body , setting up stress and causing damage to the vessel.

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