Posted by: winstondoull | March 9, 2011

Core form . Small Jars and Jugs.

Core formed objects takes much time and planing to make. But once you have a finished piece and the core has been cleaned out it is very satisfying . A lot of work is needed on making the core  ( Some tests need to be done to get it made well) . The next is to plan how you get the glass to cover the core. This can be done in the same way you make a glass bead.Before the core can be used you need to slowly warm it up and burn any organic materials as these will cause air bubbles in the glass.

This core is the shape of the inside of the jar. Later after annealing the glass you can scratch out the core. So as you can see there are many little thing to arrange . This is nothing less than the love of working with glass .

Here are a few of the jars about 80 mm in high In side one of the jars you can see the sand texture .


  1. dear artist winston…nice art man …
    i collect ancient glass …are large core-formed glass over 20 cm is hard to make? thank you

    • The basic working system is the same for both smaller core forms and the bigger sizes. But you have to have the bigger cores made and the glory hole big enough for what you are doing.
      The system is slow and your running cost are high. If you do not love to work with glass don`t start, as you have a long day with not too many core bottles made.
      Good luck to you

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