Posted by: winstondoull | November 29, 2010

1971 Good Bye Africa.

All getting ready for the first Cape Town to Rio Yacht race.

The Cape to Rio Yacht race is the start of my travels to see the wider world. It began with leaving Africa by yacht , bound for Rio de Janeiro and up to England. The yacht basin in Cape Town was filled with yachts of all types , and from all over . Many teams of people formed to sail these yachts and like most projects there choice of crew were not compatible. For living together for a month in very confined space. By the time we got to Rio most of the crews were split up and gone. However we all new the team mates years before  we joined the team of TUB. We were “racing ” but if the fishing line hooked some thing we stopped to get it on board. We arrived In Rio for the Carnival and all of us together off to see what it is Carnival. But that is too much to tell. But for the chance of a life time Thank you Dave Roberts.  Judy, Micharl, Tim, x and later Warner, for your help in making this  all the way to England together.

Tub a 42 ft. Steel hull Ketch.  Cape Town .

Good Bye to the southern tip of Africa . View under the mizzen staysail.

Most of my slids were never seen by me but some one has them.

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