Posted by: winstondoull | May 12, 2010

Cleaning the separator from the glass bead

Use a small drill to hold the diamond coated pin . This tool can quickly remove the bead separator from the bead.

All the beads you need to clean are placed in a tray of water to cover them.  Take the first bead from the water and put the pin into the hole and move the bead along the pin. Remove , dip the bead in water and repeat from the other side . Dip in water and dry, blow any water that is in the hole off the bead.

The point of the pin is bald. No scratching of the glass when looking for the hole. The pin must always be kept wet. Never work too long without dipping the pin in water. If the bead is not cleaned the powder will slowly come out while you are wearing your new necklace.

The new Bald Pin Reamer  has a pin length of 40 mm and it is app 2 mm diameter.    At the base of the pin is a cone shape.

This is used to round off the entrance of the hole .                                  Questions to

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