Posted by: winstondoull | April 13, 2010

Cape Town in Feb. and March 2010

During the middle of our winter here I received an invitation to come to Cape Town from Terry and Nickiy . Who run a very good glass polishing and trophies making business. They were interested in learning how to work with the Volcano. A very easy decision for me to make . So vary soon I was flying out of the gray skies and into the most brilliant colorful land . With this color stimulation ever present my natural reaction was to smile and give thanks for such a beautiful country. Looking about me there were many smiling faces and greetings of agreement that yes it is wonderful here.   Thats how it felt in my soul . Man it had been 15 years since I was last in South Africa, how it has changed.  Reminded me of how Zimbabwe had changed .  Meaning how lovely the people and how dirty the politices The sprit of greed hangs over the land like a dark cloud. Africa has a way of its own it does not march on but it dancers . You dance along never too sure of the next step, but inside you feel that this is what is to do.

As you can see the volcano has come home and at the demo ,( in the old bisket factory in Cape Town) came many people who showed an enterest in the working of it. So Saturdays were spent making beads in a market atmosphere . Where lots of cold gingerbear was drunk . Some time later at a big vine estate we did a day of glass blowing and bead making. In the summer in SA you have hot days and glass blowing in the summer , well for one day ok . Here is how it looked

Hank is a very good young glass blower. He is helped by his brother. They have a beautiful small work shop on the wine estate. As this day was made for demo . A fine lunch which came from the restaurant of the vine estate was provided . For me that was worth all the hard work. As some one said it was a lunch with a glass show put in. This will continue later. But before I forget , I must thank Nicky and Terry for the chance to work with them. I learned about sand blasting and glass polishing Thank you. till latter…..

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