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Glass melting kiln 1982

My  wish to work with hot glass goes back to the early 1970’s, while still on the kibbutz. So when I had the chance to do it , I did it with all my heart. This was what I wanted. So later in Jerusalem  I had my studio for stained glass working and with the proceeds I bought the bricks for the kiln. I was planning to build it but as I started an Italian glass blower happened to come into the shop. Thanks to Giani Torso , who explained to me what to do I could begin to work with a good feeling that it is going to be good. I made my bricks for the dome at the well known ceramic studio Sakolovski .

Now a good friend of mine, Amnon Elbaz, was  crazy about glass and was a driving force to get the kiln built. Welding and brick laying and other things had to be made, so that the glass could be worked with. Never did I consider how this glass making was going to make an income. I did it as it was a need that had to be met. How it all came about and worked is still going on today with other projects. With the time and experience from these early kilns, new types of ovens are made.

1st glass kiln Jer Early Jan.1982 the first test with the new kiln was done. But more importantly the first lesson in having patience had to be learnt. Still today it is a difficulty , but it is a lot better than it used to be. Now today I can see the “patience problem” in other glass workers.

The glass that was used  were old bottles of the clear type, and as there was no refund on bottles then they were easy to get. The colour we made with copper oxide or manganese . It took a day and a night to melt and then we could start to blow glass.

As I often needed flat coloured glass I had a metal roller made and we would roll out the first quarter of the glass into flat sheets about a square foot each piece.

The following  pic. are related to this process .

flat glass aflat glass bflat glass c flat glass dThe glass sheet had good colour and many small bubbles. very good for lamp and window making. This way we used the glass that was with bubble and later the glass was used for blowing.

bottle tri,anglevase vilot smoothvase "stone"
With the studio near vase 80s vilotthe Jaffa Gate there was always people passing by.

One very well known glass blower and former teacher in Bezalel School Dani Verberne often came by to lend a hand.   We  had met some years before when we  were still new to glass blowing. The school then was in Muskhara near Damaskus gate . At those times I did not take any photos .So sorry for now but when I find any I will add them. This kiln was only used during the winter months , summer was too hot. This kiln was used till I went to Europe 1990. The kiln is still in Israel but not in use to day.

glass blowing 80s b


  1. Hi Winston,

    I love this story about the past. Keep on posting them!

    I have placed a link on my website to this blog.

    Greetings from Holland for you and Ruth,

    René & Margriet.

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